Prevent Cerner Patient Portal Logon Issues.
Improve End User Experience.

The Goliath Technologies Application Availability Monitor for Cerner Patient Portal is purpose built to test and confirm the availability of the Cerner Patient Portal. This new functionality compliments Goliath Performance Monitor and Goliath Application Availability Monitor for Hospitals using Cerner Millennium. Our technology will logon in the same way that a clinician, caregiver, or patient would and engage the portal to confirm that the underlying architecture is working. The goal of this solution is to validate availability of the Patient Portal before patients attempt to gain access. If authentication, page load, logon duration, and dynamic content from the backend system fail to load, or take too long, Goliath will proactively alert the administrator so they can address the issue before end users are impacted. The brief video shows the Goliath Application Availability Monitor confirming the Patient Portal is available.


Our technology for Cerner Patient Portal can be deployed in the Cloud, the Datacenter, or at the Hospital to launch sessions on a scheduled basis to confirm portal availability. Because the Patient Portal is used by clinicians, caregivers and patients at any time of the day or night, the administrator may not always know when a problem is taking place. This new technology will give administrators immediate notification if the Portal is down via a Real-Time Alert. The below image depicts the application availability monitor confirming Cerner availability, database connectivity and page load.

Application Availability Monitor for Cerner Patient Portal

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