Test and Confirm Epic Availability. Improve End User Experience

The Goliath Logon Simulator for Epic is the only software that anticipates logon performance issues and alerts you to the root cause, allowing administrators to deploy remediation actions before end users fail to logon and complain.

How it works: Goliath Logon Simulator for Epic is software that does real-time testing of the application delivery infrastructure, by simulating the exact same steps users take during the logon process which gives IT administrators visibility into the end users logon experience, directly from the session launch. The simulations can be scheduled to run 24/7 and if your clinician or healthcare worker is going to experience and issue with logon failure or slowness you will be alerted before they have an issue. This type of advanced warning is better than real-time.

This short video shows the Logon Simulator for Epic test and confirm Epic will launch:



Better than real-time advance warning of logon failures and slowness By simulating a real world login, the logon simulation provides actual metrics and data on what will occur when a real user logs into an application. Logon issues are reduced by knowing what is going to happen before it actually does.
Live dashboard displaying end user session experience in real time Administrators are given the ability to monitor user experience in real time with the logon simulator. This capability ensures that issues can be mitigated quickly, minimizing impact.
Failure point and data analysis drill down From the live dashboard admins can immediately drill into any failed end user logon to identify and isolate the failure point.
Historical logon success/failure reports Rich historical data provides the information required to forensically analyze trends related to end user experience. These reports also provide empirical evidence for demonstrating problem resolution and/or user logon experience enhancements.

Speak to a Citrix & Epic Expert to Help Resolve End User Experience Issues

You can speak with one of Goliath’s Citrix and Epic experts today about resolving end user experience issues related to logons. Please reach out today! 

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