Get Alerted to Issues Before
Physicians and Healthcare Workers Complain

Goliath Technologies is a member of the Epic App Orchard
program where we have access to API’s made available by Epic so that our products can be more tightly integrated and therefore of more value to our joint customers. Goliath Technologies’ proactive Performance Monitoring for Epic is IT’s only EMR/EHR performance monitoring and analytics software that correlates Epic-specific performance metrics, end user experience, virtual server data, and Citrix or VMware Horizon performance data.

Goliath’s Epic module provides end to end correlation between the key Epic metrics System Pulse provides, the underlying Citrix or VMware infrastructure, and end user experience. Many factors external to Epic’s core systems can affect application access, user logon speed, network latency, and system latency. These areas are key to the end user experience and are often root causes of end user frustration and support requests. While System Pulse provides critical data about Epic, without performance analytics about the supporting infrastructure and end user experience, it is difficult for a system administrator to isolate root cause and virtually impossible to set performance thresholds to proactively monitor events and conditions that precede end user experience issues and resolve them before end users complain. A solution with a broader view that is also proactive can alleviate frustration for end users and system administrators alike.

Goliath’s Epic Module distills the Epic RTT values to its component parts, such as database time, network time, system time, and more, and correlates that to the end user experience and delivery RTT of Hyperspace to the user. As a result, Goliath can provide resource availability and performance of each of the stages and components supporting Epic to better enable administrators to understand how consumption and capacity affect performance. This, combined with the data already available from System Pulse, allows corrective action before end users are impacted – whether inside Epic or in the associated systems and infrastructure.

Goliath distills this data, as well as metrics on network latency and related system performance, to provide detailed, end-to-end, actionable information. This information is leveraged to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent problems that might otherwise adversely impact end user experience, reducing support requests and increasing overall productivity. These products are available hosted in the cloud or on premises for maximum deployment flexibility.

In a single real time view, the Goliath Performance Monitoring & Analytics for Epic allows you to quickly troubleshoot and pinpoint the root cause of potential end user experience issues. Proactive threshold-based alerts combined with Epic Application Availability Monitoring gives you an early warning of performance issues and the analytics to determine root cause so remediation actions can be taken before physicians and healthcare workers are affected.

See a detailed view of Epic Performance Monitoring in the screenshot slideshow below:


If you would like to learn more about Goliath’s Performance Monitoring and Analytics for Epic, contact us today!

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