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Immediately Engage Goliath’s Desktop Virtualization Experts to Troubleshoot & Resolve Persistent Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Performance Issues

If you are slammed with end user complaints and support tickets about:

  • Slow Citrix sessions
  • Slow or failed Citrix logons 
  • Intermittent session drops
  • Printing slowness or failures 
  • Unavailable applications or desktops

Then contact our consulting team. They have years of experience solving the most difficult problems that prevent XenApp & XenDesktop administrators from delivering a consistent and positive Citrix end user experience.

Our cross-vertical consulting team has specific experience with Citrix deployments in healthcare, legal, manufacturing, financial services, energy, and technology markets.

The goal of our engagements is to provide you with objective evidence in a Troubleshooting Services Engagement Report that identifies the root causes of performance issues and resolution actions you can implement to resolve and prevent these issues in the future.

View a Real Troubleshooting Services Engagement Report

At the end of your engagement with Goliath, you will receive a similar Troubleshooting Services Engagement Report that will describe the analysis, findings, and suggested remediation actions. View a real report created by our Desktop Virtualization Experts for a Goliath Client.

Client Engagement Overview:

  • Client experiencing persistent XenApp and XenDesktop performance issues with printing and logon process
  • Root cause of performance issues could not be determined
  • Goliath Consultants were retained to perform troubleshooting services
  • Root cause of performance, printing, and logon issues identified
  • Fix actions recommended and implemented
  • Support tickets decreased by 25% in 7 Days

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