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Goliath’s preconfigured hosted monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting, and reporting service will tell you everything you need to know about the health and performance of all your applications and IT infrastructure (no matter where it lives) and Proactively alert you to issues without installing, configuring, and managing a premise-based solution.

Why Proactive Performance Monitoring as a Service?

MaaS | Monthly Contract | No Additional Hardware | No Upfront | No MaintenanceAdopting performance monitoring as a service allows companies to scale quickly, to both expand and contract. This elasticity, or scalability, saves organizations time and money. MaaS with Goliath gives a customer the power to be vigilant in eliminating performance bottlenecks and points of failure, while maintaining elasticity.

Case Study

A large retailer uses Goliath Technologies Monitoring as a Service to ensure critical systems are up for peak shopping times. Find out how (PDF)

The Benefits of Proactive Performance Monitoring as a Service with Goliath Technologies:

  • Gain complete visibility with one product because MaaS with Goliath monitors the entire virtual and physical infrastructure including virtual and physical servers, virtual desktops, network elements, storage, applications, databases, and even datacenter components.
  • Reduce complexity and improve speed to remediation with one central console to view alerts from any part of the infrastructure.
  • Get Proactive in your monitoring posture by setting predetermined performance thresholds and then utilize our built-in menu to automate fix actions.
  • Save money by paying a monthly service fee that is usually less than multiple support contracts with no CapEx to get started.
  • Satisfy compliance requirements by using the log management facility to collect, filter, view, archive, report, and alert system and event logs.
  • Customized alerting that allows the user to tune alert thresholds and specify routing so the right people get the data needed to mitigate risk of down time.
  • Dashboards, historical trend analysis, and reports that are out-of-the-box or customized based on the time period, infrastructure, location, and audience viewing the reports.

Get Monitoring as a Service with Goliath…
Direct through Goliath or our Certified Partners

Our partners provide skilled teams that will work behind you as an extension of your IT organization to monitor and remediate performance issues on demand and before they happen. Find a Monitoring as a Service provider from our list below or contact us directly to learn more about Monitoring as a Service.