Identify the Root Cause of Performance Issues.
Improve End User Experience.

Goliath for VMware View Monitoring is a different approach to VMware View monitoring solution that brings together VMware View data, metrics from the underlying delivery infrastructure, end user experience metrics and proactive application availability monitoring into a single product and console. Goliath Performance Monitor is purpose built to find and monitor common VMware Horizon View and Infrastructure failure points. This allows you to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent performance issues in the most complex VMware View environments.

You don’t have to be a VMware View monitoring expert because our technology has embedded intelligence that is preconfigured to monitor hypervisor, virtual desktop machines, role servers, dependency servers as well as session level visibility with metrics.

We leverage PCoIP, Blast Extreme, and RDP protocol integration to provide visibility into the following session metrics:

  • Estimated Bandwidth
  • Estimated Frames per Second
  • Estimated RTT
  • Estimated Throughput
  • Logon Duration Breakdown

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Rules – VMware Horizon View

  • VMWare Horizon View Infrastructure
    • VMware Horizon View Web Component
    • VMware Horizon View USB Aberration Service
    • VMware Horizon View Snapshot Provider
    • VMware Horizon View Secure Gateway
    • VMware Horizon View Script Host
    • VMware Horizon View PCoIP Secure Gateway
  • VMware vCenter
    • VMware VCMSDS
    • VMware View Composer
    • VMWare Universal Access
    • Virtual Center Server
    • Thread Ordering Server
    • Snapshot Provider
    • Single Sign On
    • Inventory Service
  • VMware Horizon View Printing
    • Print Driver Failures
    • Unknown Drivers
    • Incorrect Port Mapping
    • Print Manager Crash
  • VMware Horizon View Profiles
    • Group Policy
    • Folder Redirection
  • VMware Horizon View Images
    • Windows Configuration Errors
    • Any Consistent Errors Across All Linked Clones
  • VMware Horizon View Application Failures – Published & Image-based
    • Process Crashes
    • Faults & Errors
    • Application Gets Stuck
    • User Inputs Incorrect Password

Rules – Supporting Infrastructure

  • SSL & Communication
    • Certificate Errors
    • Certificate Trust Issues
    • CA Not Trusted
    • MSSOAP Failures
    • DCOM Registration Timeouts
    • Host Name Not Matching Certificate
  • SQL Server
    • Transaction Timeouts
    • XML, Broker, Storefront, etc.
    • Average Transaction Times
  • Active Directory
    • User Authentication
    • Group Policy Failures
    • Registry Corruption
  • VMware vSphere
    • Memory Provisioning
    • CPU Ready
    • Storage – IOPS & Latency
  • Network
    • WAN Bandwidth Utilization
    • Network Latency
    • Packets/sec For Edge Switches


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