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Fix Root Cause of Performance Issues — Improve End User Experience from Logon Initiation to Session Launch

Goliath Performance Monitor is the only IT performance monitoring solution that brings together VMware Horizon View data and metrics from the underlying delivery infrastructure in a single console.

Goliath Performance Monitor is purpose built to find and monitor common VMware Horizon View and Infrastructure failure points. This allows you to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent performance issues in the most complex VMware Horizon View environments.

Get Early Access with the Goliath Design Partner Program for VMware Horizon View Performance Monitoring

Please note that support for VMware Horizon View is in Goliath’s near term product roadmap and is not GA. As part of our product design, development and release process, we would like to speak to users of VMware Horizon View to determine and prioritize which features and functions to include in the first release of the GA product. We call these participants “Design Partners” and in exchange for your participation there is an opportunity to receive a 50%discount. Beyond the financial implications, Design Partners are able to influence features and functionality of the Goliath Performance Monitoring Module for VMware Horizon View. If you are interested in becoming a Design Partner for VMware Horizon View Performance Monitoring or just have questions about currently planned features, functionality, or release dates please contact us today!





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