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Proactively Monitor & Alert on High Citrix Latency

Citrix latency can be caused by overall network latency or because the ICA/HDX protocol is experiencing latency due to a performance issue within a user’s Citrix session. To truly identify root cause, visibility into all ICA/HDX channels is a must.

Problem: Reduce End User Complaints by Finding Root Cause of Slow Citrix Session Performance 

With our Citrix Latency Monitoring tool, which comes with Goliath Performance Monitor, you get full visibility into all 50 ICA/HDX channels, you can capture real-time performance metrics, and then get alerted to Citrix end user latency on any ICA/HDX channels, like: 

  • Audio
  • Clipboard
  • Local Drive
  • Flash
  • Framehawk
  • ThinWire/ThinWire+
  • Printing
  • Smart card Bandwidth
  • Session Bandwidth
  • PN Agent/Seamless Window

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Pinpoint Root Cause to Remediate and Improve End User Experience

Many technologies will tell you if you’re experience high latency on ICA/HDX channels – so what? By using Goliath’s Citrix Latency Monitoring Tool, which comes out-of-the-box with Goliath Performance Monitor, you become armed with data to easily identify the root cause of high latency.

Plus, with the tool you get real-time the Citrix Latency Analysis Dashboard, the ability to test ICA/HDX performance with simulated user sessions, and real-time alerts based on high ICA/HDX latency thresholds.

Have Questions or Need Help with Citrix Issues?

Goliath’s Tech Team is here to answer your questions and help you work through troubleshooting and fixing high Citrix latency issues. Please reach out today! 

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