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Resellers play a key role in helping us meet our clients’ needs and we are deeply committed to their success. Our partner program is built to provide you with the tools, training, support, and resources you need to advance your business.

Citrix Ready VMware Ready VMware Partner

Why Work with Goliath Technologies?

  • High product margins that hold
    • Disty “Margin Erosion” Guaranteed
  • Our product is that platform to sell services
  • Platinum status immediately
  • Immediate revenue support program
  • Accelerate and improve XenApp/XenDesktop
  • POC’s, Pilots and Deployments
  • Marketing Support
  • Channel Integrity
  • Deal Registration
  • Easy POC Process for Your Customers
  • Trojan house to sell to other products

Build Services Around Goliath Technologies

  • Remote monitoring and management of on-premise
  • Monitoring as a service
  • Monthly reports and oversight
  • Troubleshooting XenApp and XenDesktop performance issues
    • Identify root cause with Goliath and resolve with products and services
  • Implementation, configuration and training
    • Alert customization based threshold, events and faults
    • Help desk alert resolution feature
    • Custom remediation sequences

Immediate Revenue Support Program (5 Step Program)

  1. Brief training to determine appropriate target customers.
  2. Goliath supports sales and pre-sales process
  3. Close 3-5 deals jointly
  • 4. Margins
    • 20% license
    • 35% license with deal registration
    • 15% maintenance
    • 25% maintenance with level 1 support
  • 5. Evaluate long term reseller partnership

Reseller Benefits

Margins that Hold

  • 35% from dollar one with registration (20% without registration)
  • 15% distribution guarantee. If your deal goes through disty, you still get 20% margin.

Channel Integrity

  • If you register a deal, we will not go into that deal or support another partner

Marketing Support

  • Real lead generation support from our marketing department
    • email campaigns, data sheets, technical documents, sales presentations
    • content for web pages

Announcing: The Goliath Certified Platform Engineer Program

This program provides partners with the knowledge they need to design, implement, and support the premiere proactive troubleshooting and monitoring technology on the market today.

The GCPE certification program enables partners with the knowledge and expertise needed to sell, implement and support the following technologies:

• Goliath Performance Monitor
• Goliath Logon Simulator
• Goliath for NetScaler

Interested in learning more about becoming a Goliath partner?

The Goliath Team has decades of experience building robust global channel partnerships. We know how to foster a relationship of trust and mutual benefit. Our simple and clear goal is sales enablement for those who wish to sell our products while minimizing administration.

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