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A Complete Technical Guide to Understanding and Troubleshooting Citrix ICA/HDX

Introducing the new Citrix ICA/HDX technical guide, which provides a comprehensive understanding of ICA/HDX, the components that it’s built on, how it works, how it can be impacted by network conditions, and how to troubleshoot it. Armed with this information, we hope that you will be better equipped to troubleshoot and resolve what we have come to know as the ubiquitous “Citrix is slow” complaint from end users.


An Overview of What You’ll Read in the Guide  

  • Defining ICA/HDX
  • ICA/HDX and Its Dependencies
  • Troubleshooting ICA/HDX Session Performance
  • HDX Adaptive Transport and Enlightened Data Transport
  • ICA and NetScaler Gateway
  • Measuring ICA/HDX Performance
  • ICA/HDX Channels

The free guide is also filled with screenshots and “how to” technical information you can use to take proactive measures to understand and troubleshoot ICA/HDX issues. Simply complete the form on the sidebar to instantly download your free copy. 


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