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The Technical Criteria to Select an EdgeSight Replacement: A How-to Guide from a CTP

In this free downloadable guide, a Citrix Technology Professional and Citrix Engineer break down EdgeSight and Director in a feature-by-feature grid format while correlating the selection criteria you should focus on as you choose an EdgeSight replacement that allows you to troubleshoot and fix performance issues to ensure a positive Citrix end user experience. 

“Must Read Technical Review”

doug-brown-dabcc-goliath-technologies-windows-os-tablet-guideDoug Brown (MVP, CTP, vExpert) says: “This is a must read technical review if you are looking to replace Citrix EdgeSight now or in the future. The level of technical detail is fantastic and can be utilized as a guide for establishing your selection criteria for a replacement.”

Key Features to Consider in Replacement Solutions:

  • ICA/HDX Metrics & Performance Data
  • Synthetic Transactions/Logon Simulation
  • Real-time Threshold-based Alerts
  • Hosting Infrastructure & Compute Data
  • Logon Success/Failure Reports
  • DDC, Web Interface & StoreFront Metrics
  • End User & Device Troubleshooting Tools
  • Underlying OS Performance Data

Have Questions or Need Help Replacing Citrix EdgeSight?

Goliath’s Tech Team is here to help you work through the process of replacing Citrix EdgeSight. Please reach out today:


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