Will Users Have Issues With Application Access?

Not with Goliath. Know Before Users Know!

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor for Cerner applications is an early warning system for healthcare IT professionals, alerting you of access and use issues with Cerner applications or the patient portal before clinicians reach the hospital.


What’s more: we ensure the availability of Cerner applications, Citrix, VMware, your end users, and more, all from one view. This way, you’ll not only get early warning alerts, but objective evidence documenting the root cause of application access and use issues.


Slideshow: A Walkthrough of the Cerner Application Availability Monitor.


By having the Goliath system user attempt Cerner application logons – modeled after one of your actual users in terms of site/profile – we provide actual data on what will happen when a doctor or nurse tries to access important patient records. Cerner logon issues reduce as you gain time and detailed metrics to proactively troubleshoot and practice towards future prevention.

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor for hospitals using Cerner delivers live dashboards showing end user experience session logon metrics. You gain the ability to monitor Cerner application end user logon experience in real-time. This gives you immediate access to the right information and allows you to mitigate logon issues quickly to eliminate end user pain.

With application monitoring and real-time reporting of all layers of the Citrix/Cerner delivery infrastructure in one location, you can see – at a high-level – what’s going on across all your facilities with visibility into the end user session level if needed.

We provide the historical data and insights required to perform trend analysis, metric correlation, and site/user-specific drill-downs over any time you choose. These can provide empirical evidence for demonstrating Cerner application problem resolution and/or user logon experience enhancements. We also do not impose retention limits.

Want to see a personalized demo or access a 30-day free trial of the Cerner Application Availability Monitor? Contact us today!


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