On-demand IT Webinars:
Troubleshooting & Performance Monitoring

Here, you will find a number of on-demand webinars to help you improve the end user experience by proactively troubleshooting, identifying the root cause and remediating Citrix and VMware performance issues.  

Proactive Management & Troubleshooting of VMware Horizon View

During this free webinar, an End User Experience Expert will lead a discussion about how to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent performance issues in the most complex VMware Horizon View environments.

Topology View for Citrix Monitoring & Troubleshooting

During the presentation, you will learn about how this single view for Citrix Monitoring gives administrators the ability to monitor, manage and troubleshoot issues with Citrix whether the root cause is the Citrix infrastructure or the supporting IT elements.

Use Real-Time Event Logs to Troubleshoot Performance Issues

During this on-demand webinar, a Citrix Virtualization Expert will lead a discussion and troubleshooting session about how to use real-time Event Logs to troubleshoot complex performance issues.

Azure Monitoring and Troubleshooting

During the on-demand webinar, you will learn about how to monitor, alert, troubleshoot, and resolve performance issues using Goliath’s Microsoft Azure Performance Monitoring and Azure Reporting tools that are purpose-built for IT organizations.

Troubleshoot & Fix VMware Horizon Logon Issues

Watch this on-demand version of our latest VMware webinar to see how Dizzion, Inc uses Goliath’s Logon Simulator to support their VMware Horizon DaaS customers. The Logon Simulator is used to proactively prevent VMware Horizon logon slowness and failure issues before end users are affected by testing and confirming end user logons and launches of business-critical apps.

Understanding, Troubleshooting & Resolving Citrix ICA/HDX Issues

During this on-demand webinar, one of the co-creators of the new Citrix Administrator’s Technical Guide to Understanding and Troubleshooting Citrix ICA/HDX discusses ICA/HDX protocol, the components that it’s built on, how it works, how it can be impacted by network conditions, and how to troubleshoot it.

How to Migrate From Citrix 6.5 to 7.x & Replace EdgeSight

During this on-demand webinar, two Citrix Virtualization Experts lead a forum-based session focused on the key considerations and action steps required to migrate from 6.5 to 7.x and successfully replace Citrix EdgeSight.

How University IT Managers Troubleshoot & Resolve End User Experience Issues

In this webinar see how Drake University and St. Dominic’s used industry leading best practices and technology to set up their IT organization to be truly proactive so they can be alerted to potential problems before faculty and students are impacted.

Live From Accelera’s Data Center – New Citrix Availability Service

During the webinar, Matt Moulton, Lead Citrix Architect, of Accelera Solutions, and Lee Gitzes, Sr. Director of Technical Operations at Goliath Technologies, show you how the new Accelera service can proactively alert IT to logon performance issues before end users.

How to Proactively Test & Confirm Epic Availability

During this on-demand webinar you will see how Goliath’s Logon Simulator for Epic Hyperspace performs real-time testing of the Citrix & Epic delivery infrastructure, including the NetScaler, by simulating the exact same steps users take during the logon process.

How to Proactively Test & Confirm Citrix Delivered Apps Launch for Clinicians

This on-demand webinar will show you how to improve the clinician end user experience by fixing the root cause of Citrix-delivered application logon slowness and failures.

See How UHS Uses End-to-End Visibility from their Hospital Endpoint to the Cerner Data Center

During this on-demand webinar, Justin Monnig, GM of Crossings Healthcare, a subsidiary of UHS, joins Raja Jadeja, VP of Goliath Technologies Health IT, to tell the UHS story of how they utilize this new technology to take control of monitoring and managing end user experience. 

The Citrix Logon Process: How it Works & How to Troubleshoot XA/XD Logon Issues

During this on-demand webinar, the authors of the guide to understanding the Citrix logon process and troubleshooting logon issues will walk you through the key technical points in the guide so you can understand how to resolve logon slowness and failures

How to Proactively Manage the Entire Citrix End User Experience

A Citrix End User Experience Engineer leads a technical session showing how to proactively troubleshoot and remediate the root cause of performance issues that negatively affect the Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop end user experience — from Logon Initiation to Logon Process to Session Performance. 

How to Proactively Troubleshoot & Fix Citrix & EMR/EHR End User Performance Issues

A Healthcare IT engineer shows you how to proactively troubleshoot the root cause of performance and end user experience issues that are common with EMR/EHR apps (Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, Allscripts & McKesson) in Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop environments. 

How to Proactively Troubleshoot & Fix Common Citrix End User Issues Like Logon Slowness & Printing Failures

Watch this on-demand Citrix troubleshooting webinar to learn how to troubleshoot and fix four common Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop end user issues with: LogonsSessions – PrintingProfiles.

How to Proactively Prevent Citrix Logon Issues & Improve the End User Experience

During this on-demand webinar you will learn how to troubleshoot slow and failed XenApp/XenDesktop logons, find the root cause, remediate and improve the Citrix end user experience.

How to Proactively Troubleshoot & Fix the Root Cause of Citrix ICA/HDX Latency Issues

Watch a Citrix Virtualization Expert hold an ICA/HDX latency troubleshooting session, showing you how to drill down into ICA/HDX channel metrics, how real-time latency alerting works, and how to proactively improve the Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop experience.

The Process & Selection Criteria to Replace Citrix EdgeSight with a Viable Solution

This on-demand webinar covers the process and selection criteria to help you choose an EdgeSight replacement that meets the strict technical requirements of Citrix Engineers, and which provide proactive end user experience functionality missing in EdgeSight.

How To Troubleshoot Your Entire Infrastructure with Citrix NetScaler by Using Real-Time Alerts, Performance Dashboards & Historical Reports

This on-demand webinar shows you the full potential of the NetScaler ADC by leveraging deep analytical data for performance tuning, troubleshooting, real-time alerting and unrestricted historical reporting with Goliath for NetScaler.

Introducing Five Layers of Visibility into the VMware vSphere Stack

Watch this on-demand version of our latest VMware webinar to learn how to unlock VMware App and OS performance data, and how to use real-time alerts and reports to proactively remediate vSphere performance issues.

MEDITECH-Citrix Performance Monitoring: How to Proactively Troubleshoot & Remediate Performance Issues

Here is an on-demand webinar introducing the MEDITECH Performance Monitoring Module and how to use this technology to proactively troubleshoot and remediate performance issues before physicians and healthcare workers are affected.

How to Troubleshoot & Resolve NVIDIA vGPU-Citrix End User Experience Issues

Watch a Virtualization Expert show you how to proactively troubleshoot and resolve end user experience issues that occur with high resolution graphics and design applications delivered by Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop.

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