How to Proactively Test & Confirm Citrix Delivered Apps Launch for Clinicians

Know Before Doctors Complain: Introducing New End User Experience Technology for Cerner & Citrix

This on-demand webinar will show you how to improve the clinician end user experience by fixing the root cause of Citrix-delivered application logon slowness and failures. 



“Complete visibility into end user experience”

chris-timbers-northbay-goliath-technologies.jpg“Goliath Technologies gives us complete visibility into the end user experience from the time they logon to Cerner through their use of the application so we stay ahead of performance issues that can impact our users.” Chris Timbers, VP & CIO of NorthBay Healthcare

Get a 30-day Free Trial or Demo of the Goliath Logon Simulator for Hospitals Using Cerner

You can get a fully supported 30-day free trial or demo of Goliath’s Logon Simulator — simply complete the form on the sidebar.  Or, if you have any questions about managing the Citrix and Cerner end user experience, please reach out today:






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