Proactively Test Application Availability

New Service! Confirm Citrix or VMware is Always Accessible

Goliath offers a managed service that continually tests application availability delivered via Citrix or VMware Horizon from remote locations. We will then proactively alert you if an application or the delivery infrastructure is down or slow so you can resolve before end users are impacted.

Fully Managed Application Testing

Remotely managed service. No software is installed on-premises.

Proactive Alerting

Automatic alerts before end users are impacted.

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Scott Urofsky, CTO, SSI

“Our customers are asking for visibility to understand if their end users have access to the right tools to be productive while working from home. Goliath’s solutions provide insights into end-user behavior and documents performance metrics around logon times, session performance, and application availability. This data helps our clients better understand users’ experiences on Citrix in order to make better business decisions.”

John Byrne, MTM

“Last week we were able to resolve a Citrix XenDesktop issue before end users were impacted. The Goliath Application Availability Monitor for Citrix and VMware Horizon identified that Epic was not available at 4:30 a.m. ET. Our IT team received a real-time alert that the main application failed to enumerate, which would have impacted 25,000 users if not resolved.  Because of Goliath’s advanced warning, we were able to resolve the issue before any users reported the problem to the help desk.”

Chris Mielke, Infrastructure & Security Services Lead, Drake University

“At MTM, we deploy the Goliath Application Availability Monitor as an advanced troubleshooting tool,” Byrne explained.  “GAAM’s automatic screenshots allow us to see a picture of the exact point at which the application launch failed, then ID and resolve the underlying problem that caused the application or infrastructure to be unavailable quickly, and we can share the images directly with customers, so they can see exactly what issue occurred and where.”

Citrix Administrator, Top 10 Global Media Company

“Thanks to Goliath, we were able to isolate the root cause of an issue that was random but persistent, causing downtime for our developers in India. It was painful to get calls almost daily. Without Goliath’s deep Citrix analytics, we may have never permanently resolved the issue and been able to prevent it from happening again.”

Chris Mielke, Infrastructure & Security Services Lead, Drake University

“We have extended the utilization of Goliath to monitor our XenDesktop  farm and added functionality like Goliath Application Availability Monitor for Citrix daily health check reports to proactively ensure end-to-end connectivity so our users have seamless access to Citrix delivered applications.”