American Structurepoint Proactively Ensures a Positive End User Experience in their Citrix & NVIDIA GRID vGPU Environment for Virtual Workforce

adam-martin-american-structurepoint-goliath-technologies“If we can’t see what’s happening at any infrastructure level, we are in big trouble, because we would just be guessing at the root cause of a specific issue.

To us, Goliath Technologies’ key value is pulling metrics for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, End User Experience, NVIDIA GRID vGPU and the supporting IT infrastructure into a single console, so we have broad and deep visibility to preempt potential issues and, if they do occur, troubleshoot quickly.” -Adam Martin, IT Director, American Structurepoint

The Business Challenge: Deliver Graphics-Intensive Apps & a Positive End User Experience to Remote Workers 

Adam Martin, the IT Director for American Structurepoint, was experiencing rapid growth, having opened several new offices across the United States over the last few years. With this growth, Adam’s team knew they needed to find a way to deliver AutoCAD using Citrix to their remote locations and virtual workforce, but without deploying infrastructure at those sites or home offices.

They also knew that delivering such a graphics intensive application across the WAN would not be efficient because of the amount of bandwidth required to offer a great end user experience.

The decision was made to deliver the end user’s desktop across the WAN, rather than the application itself or its data, using Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID vGPU cards all running on XenServer. The IT Team at American Structurepoint knew they needed to monitor the vGPU performance as they scaled their Citrix environment to incorporate all branch locations because their current SolarWinds solution was unable to gather Citrix data.

This was the only way they could understand the performance impact of adding users to the centralized Citrix/vGPU deployment and to get ahead of any end user experience issues before they become an obstacle to a successful POC of Citrix and NVIDIA. The biggest challenge for Adam was finding a product that brought together, in one console, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, NVIDIA vGPU and XenServer, so they could have visibility into all of the delivery elements that could impact end user experience. In the screenshot below you can see the Automatic Citrix Discovery and Dependency Map View display the entire IT infrastructure that allows both a high level view and the ability to drill down into specific layers of the Citrix and NVIDIA GPU infrastructure for troubleshooting.

The Solution: Proactive Citrix & NVIDIA GRID vGPU Performance Monitoring 

The IT Team then spoke to IMSCAD, the Citrix partner assisting with the rollout of XenDesktop, about evaluating a monitoring solution that gave them the visibility into vGPU performance and Citrix XenDesktop that they needed as seen below.

IMSCAD recommended that they evaluate Goliath Technologies as a possible solution. They then downloaded a free 30-day trial of Goliath Performance Monitor and immediately they started getting Citrix XenDesktop and vGPU metrics, but the key value was the fact that the solution also was able to report on XenServer and the rest of the physical infrastructure.

During the 30-day trial, they were able to monitor the Citrix On/Off and vGPU performance as they began to scale the Citrix XenDesktop environment from POC to Production. This was important to the IT Team, because proper allocation of vGPU resources when scaling to their branch locations allowed them to proactively deploy and scale the Citrix and NVIDIA GRID card resources to ensure positive end user experience.

This proper allocation of vGPU resources was crucial and, by preventing overloaded vGPUs and identifying sessions impacted by a lack of vGPU CPU and memory, they were able to scale their Citrix POC environment to all of the remote locations without incident thus ensuring a seamless rollout.

American Structurepoint then purchased Goliath Technologies for their production environment.

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