About Rob Beekmans

Starting in the beginning of the '90's I feel like I've seen the rise and fall of many great ideas and products. I've designed, implemented, troubleshooted Citrix environments and classic networks for years. I've been involved in international projects implementing FMIS environments worldwide and implementing/designing access scenarios for international companies. Since I came to work for PQR my focus has changed, my primary job has become designing workspaces for various companies in the Netherlands. Many of these workspace turned out to be VDI workspaces due to specifications of the users. I've designed and built them in any form from any serious vendor. Taking the customers and user through the process of realizing what they need until the desktop is running is a great process I enjoy every time. My goal is to find that one piece of information that would really make a difference for them when designing their new workspace. To understand the needs of a customer and look beyond the cool new hardware or features that they just don't need or can't understand, you need to understand their business and the way they work. These days we call this Persona's, understanding who are working, what they do during the day, from where they work and most important how they would like to work to feel good about their job and be most productive.