Proactive Citrix End-to-End Performance Monitoring & Management

Proactive Citrix end-to-end monitoring and management is now possible with the Citrix End-to-End Performance Tools, which come preconfigured and integrated with Goliath Performance Monitor software.

Proactive Citrix End-to-End Monitoring & Management

The Citrix End-to-End Performance Tools give you the visibility to proactively monitor and manage your Citrix infrastructure from the endpoint to the backend systems that support Citrix applications.

With Goliath’s proactive end-to-end performance tools, you can also eliminate blind spots due to monitoring gaps in the Citrix environment.  In one console, you can monitor the NetScaler, XenApp, XenDesktop, DDC, Web Interface, Store Front, Licensing and Provisioning Servers, Virtual Servers, Active Directory, and SQL databases.

By gaining proactive end-to-end visibility into the entire Citrix Delivery Infrastructure, you can now anticipate, troubleshoot, and quickly resolve performance issues before end users complain.

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