Citrix Certified Expert Releases Official Independent Review of Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler’s Troubleshooting and Performance Reporting Functionality


Philadelphia, PA–December 4, 2015–Kyle Davies, an internationally recognized Virtualization expert and IT Solutions Architect has just released an independent review of the newest version of Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler.

After learning that a top 5 global retailer uses Goliath’s NetScaler performance monitoring technology to proactively manage their Citrix Platinum SDX NetScalers, Kyle expressed interest in testing and independently reviewing Goliath’s IT Analytics for NetScaler to prove out its unique features and functionality, such as real-time performance dashboards, unlimited time frame reports and threshold based alerts.

As Kyle began testing and reviewing the technology, he focused on how Managed Service Providers and Healthcare IT professionals in particular can enhance their efficiency and improve the end user experience by utilizing Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler to proactively monitor, reduce troubleshooting time and quickly remediate performance issues in their Citrix environment by using Goliath’s performance reporting and alerting features not found in similar products like Insight Center.

“Managing the end user experience is key, especially as most people can now use mobile phones, laptops and tablets that outperform their enterprise-provided devices, from almost anywhere in the world. For MSPs and Healthcare IT pros especially, Goliath IT Analytics passes the test as a monitoring tool that can reduce the total cost of ownership, drive ROI by eliminating wasted time troubleshooting performance issues and improving the end user experience” said Kyle Davies.

Of particular interest to industry experts and IT Operations teams is Goliath IT Analytics for Netscaler’s Live Share feature which allows a Sysadmin or IT Manager to view a live user session, look at specific app performance, and then send a link to their colleagues so the troubleshooting team can collaborate on deploying remediation actions.

You can read a complete version of the review to learn more. For IT Operations Teams, Managed Service Providers and Healthcare IT professionals interested in testing this technology, Goliath offers a fully supported 30-day free trial of Goliath IT Analytics for NetScaler.

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