Know Your Physicians and Healthcare Workers End User Experience

Goliath Technologies’ proactive IT Performance Monitoring for Siemens is Healthcare IT’s only software that correlates end user experience metrics, Siemens and Citrix performance data to give you a single view into the root cause of Siemens performance issues. 

Right out-of-the-box, the software gives you monitors, alerts, dashboards, and reports, giving you complete visibility into Siemens and the entire supporting infrastructure, whether the Siemens servers are on premise or hosted.

Proactive Siemens Performance Monitoring

To truly get proactive, the Goliath IT Performance Monitoring for Siemens is purpose-built to give you broad and deep visibility so you can anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and ultimately prevent Siemens end user performance issues.

Siemens Soarian Performance Graphs


Goliath’s IT Performance Monitoring for Siemens provides out-of-the-box support for Siemens through purpose-built monitoring rules, alerts, dashboards, and reports. Users can trend performance and ensure the availability of key role servers in the Siemens infrastructure including background job clients, data repository machines, connection machines, transaction servers, and clients. Goliath also provides the ability to both ensure the uptime and remediate any service failures so end users can always execute the necessary transactions. The Siemens Application Module enables three tiers of visibility and brings together data from Siemens, End Users, and the Infrastructure. The Reports are generated that can be shared in a Siemens support task. Organizations rely on our Healthcare IT Performance Monitoring Module to:

  • Proactively determine the root cause of Siemens performance and availability issues
  • Get ahead of end user complaints
  • End the finger pointing between Siemens, Citrix, and the Infrastructure teams
  • Share performance data and facts with Siemens to help speed resolution
  • Get a single console to view Siemens, End Users, and the Delivery Infrastructure
  • Consolidate monitoring tools and simplify IT Operations


Goliath IT Performance Monitoring for Siemens Includes:

  • Performance Dashboards:
    • Track EHR/EMR Key Performance Metrics
    • Correlate in Underlying Infrastructure – OS & Hypervisor Performance
  • Reports
    • EHR/EMR Faults and Errors
  • End User Experience Management:
    • Logon Duration Reports with Drilldown Analysis
    • End User Experience Real-Time Dashboards & Historical Reports
    • End User Connection Report
  • Remediation Actions:
    • Applications
    • Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop
    • Windows, Linux, Unix
    • Virtual Machines
  • Preconfigured Alerts
  • Alert Resolution Feature

Use Cases

Proactively Anticipate & Troubleshoot by Closing Gaps in Visibility

  • Siemens Support: Furnish with information to resolve Siemens application issues
  • Internal IT: One console for Siemens, End User Experience and Delivery Infrastructure


Goliath IT Performance Monitoring for Siemens Module Diagram


“We selected Goliath over competing products”
Peter Malloy - CIO Cheshire Medical Center“We selected Goliath over competing products because they align our EHR applications with our Citrix delivery infrastructure. The proactive nature of Goliath’s technology will allow us to rapidly anticipate, troubleshoot, and remediate performance issues related to Allscripts, Siemens, and T-System.” – Peter Malloy, CIO of Cheshire Medical Center
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