The Cure for End User Experience Issues

Troubleshoot Performance Issues – Find Root Cause – Remediate
Improve End User Experience for Physicians & Healthcare Workers
from Logon Initiation to Session Launch

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor
The Goliath Application Availability Monitor for all major EMR/EHR applications is an early warning system, alerting healthcare IT professionals of login & performance issues with patient-critical applications before clinicians reach the hospital. Let the “Goliath Virtual User” alert you to issues, not physicians and health care workers.

The Goliath Performance Monitor
The Goliath Performance Monitor for EMR/EHR applications is purpose-built to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent issues with the entire on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure used to deliver mission-critical applications. Goliath Technologies’ troubleshooting capabilities provide healthcare organizations with an end-to-end advanced warning of potential end user experience issues and objective technical evidence of root cause to prevent future issues. This results in faster detection, identification and resolution of these issues before users, or patients, are impacted.

application availability for any applications accessed using desktop virtualization

We offer end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting for Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, and Allscripts. We provide end-to-end visibility into all applications and desktops being launched, with reports and drilldown analytics detailing whether logons succeeded, failed, or were slow. In each case, we provide visual proof of the success failure of each stage of the logon process. With our built-in alerting, IT administrators get real-time alerts the moment a problem occurs, triggered by the Goliath system user’s scheduled attempt, before the end user knows a thing.

If a failure does occur with application or desktop delivery, our ability to monitor, report, and alert in detail on the following common issue root cause areas provides a complete look at your virtual infrastructure:

• Connectivity (i.e. network speeds, latency)
• EMR/EHR Applications or desktop availability
• Configuration or availability problems with the delivery infrastructure, including: Citrix NetScaler, web interface/storefront, delivery controllers, active directory, licensing servers, SQL databases, and much more
• Licensing issues
• Client-side errors (i.e. a message box error presented at the endpoint level, captured by our screenshotting technology)






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