The Goliath Value

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor

Topology View for Citrix Monitoring & Troubleshooting

   Better than real-time advanced warning of logon failures or slowness

   Live dashboards showing end user experience session logon metrics

   With each phase of the logon process, a screenshot is taken to provide visual evidence and objective proof

   Automatic mapping of your Citrix Environment to quickly show fault domains

   Graphically track End User Experience and Resource Consumption at each level

   Drilldown between layers of your Citrix infrastructure to identify root cause

Troubleshooting User Stories


The MEDITECH application had recently been upgraded. When the upgrade was complete, the app was tested and made available for consumption by end users. However, during the upgrade, there was a misconfiguration of the application that Citrix admins were not aware of at the time.

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Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), one of the ten largest healthcare management organizations in the United States, was faced with physicians and healthcare workers experiencing access and usability issues when using Citrix-delivered applications hosted by Cerner.

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The IT team wanted to achieve two things to assist in a smooth transition to Citrix XenDesktop 7.9 Platinum: they wanted a proactive monitoring and troubleshooting product that would help them anticipate issues and resolve them quickly. From there, they need to be able to track adoption to Citrix XenDesktop 7.9 Platinum

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Upcoming Troubleshooting Webinars

Tuesday, November 28th at 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

On this free live webinar, one of the authors of the Citrix Administrator’s Guide to Citrix ICA/HDX will show you how to proactively troubleshoot and fix the root cause of common Citrix end user experience issues with Logons – Sessions – Printing – Profiles.

Wednesday, November 29th at 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

During this webinar, a Citrix Migration expert will lead a forum-based session focused on the key considerations and action steps required to migrate from 6.5 to 7.x and successfully replace Citrix EdgeSight.

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