AWS Application and Desktop Availability Service

This proactive Amazon AWS hosted Application & Desktop Availability service launches your Citrix, VMware Horizon, or RDS delivered applications & desktops to confirm production availability for remote users – before your end users even try to access the application or desktop. Then, if the logon fails or is even slow, you will get an alert before end users are impacted. Because advance warning is better than real-time! End user logon experience can be monitored using the Amazon AWS hosted real-time dashboard and logon success and failure reports can be generated as needed.

Amazon AWS Application & Desktop Availability Service – Hosted or On-Premise

The Goliath Amazon AWS Application & Desktop Availability service uses proprietary software that executes the actual sequence a real user goes through when accessing applications or desktops from initiating a connection to launch. Because it is used in production as an actual user it confirms the entire application delivery infrastructure will work when users logon. Thereby functioning as an early warning system for application or desktop access issues. The Amazon AWS availability service can be used in production for hosted or internal cloud based applications and or desktops.

Simple to Setup – Go Live in 30 Minutes

If your applications are on premise no software is needed onsite as it is hosted in Amazon AWS so there are no internal resource or change requests necessary. If your applications are in Amazon AWS you install the software on premise or where your users are located. In either user case, we provide you with a logon page and you simply input some simple information. We only need a URL to connect to the Citrix, VMware Horizon, or RDS environment, your account with rights to the App & Desktop that need to be launched as well as the name of the App & Desktop, and finally, email address(es) to receive alert notifications and reports.

Monthly Service Includes:

  • Logons – Scheduled Intervals up to 24/7
  • Dashboard – Real-time Confirmation of Logon Duration, Success or Failure
  • Alerts – Real Time Notification of Logon Issues Before End Users are Impacted
  • Reports – On-demand Daily, Weekly and or Monthly Success and Failure Point Analysis

Have Questions or Want to Get Started with the AWS Application & Desktop Availability Service?

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How a Top 5 Airline Uses Goliath’s AWS Monitoring to Ensure Reservation Applications are Available

“Beyond not having insight into availability issues, there was a second challenge that the airline faced. In no way could any solution be deployed on-premise within their IT infrastructure; a cloud solution was required.”