Monitor and Troubleshoot Cloud Environments

IT Infrastructure is moving, IT Accountability is not.

Now you can proactively monitor and troubleshoot your Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Citrix Cloud, or DaaS applications and desktops from one powerful view.

Goliath Technologies Cloud Monitoring is comprehensive and includes AWS Monitoring, Azure Monitoring, Citrix Monitoring, Internal clouds and any hosting or service provider. In addition, if you have not fully moved your workloads or infrastructure to the cloud Goliath also can monitor traditional on-premises IT assets. This capability to monitor hybrid infrastructures greatly improves the probability of a successful transition to the cloud.

Goliath Cloud Monitoring includes end to end monitoring from the remote user to the cloud hosted applications, infrastructure or desktops. Our software has unique functionality that allows today’s IT professional to anticipate end user experience issues before they occur. And, if they do, we provide the real-time metrics to troubleshoot the issue with corresponding analysis and reports, so root cause can be documented, and permanent fix actions can be put in place to resolve the issue permanently.

Try it yourself and see how this powerful, purpose-built software will help you anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end user issues, regardless of where your end users, infrastructure or data is located.