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Goliath Performance Monitor
for Hospitals using Cerner

Only Monitoring & Troubleshooting Tool Deployed Inside Cerner RHO

Goliath Performance Monitor provides end-to-end visibility by deploying inside Cerner RHO and connecting out to your hospital locations. This provides true end-to-end visibility that is required to get ahead of issues before patient care is impacted.  Goliath empowers healthcare IT to be proactive, prevent end user experience issues, and ensure that doctors, clinicians and staff can access patient-critical applications.

Now healthcare IT can accurately quantify, troubleshoot and manage end user experience issues proactively, based on real data, instead of simply reacting to support tickets or imprecise user reports.

Goliath Performance Monitor for Hospitals Using Cerner Features:

  • Unique Cerner RHO visibility
  • Early warning system for Cerner applications issues
  • Correlation of Cerner, end user experience, and Citrix/VMware Horizon performance metrics in one view.
  • Real-time clinician end user monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Purchase directly through Cerner

How Goliath Performance Monitor for Cerner Works

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Deployed in Cerner RHO and On-Premises

Cerner Millennium applications, though primarily hosted in Cerner RHO, are still delivered through the hospital data center along with hundreds of other applications and desktops. This complexity creates confusion when attempting to identify the root cause of an end user experience issue.

This confusion becomes obsolete with the only product that provides actual insight into what end users are experiencing by pulling together into a single end-to-end view of the Cerner Remote Hosting facility, the hospital data center, and the various hospitals and clinics where end users are located.

Early Warning System for Cerner Application Issues

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor is an early warning system for healthcare IT professionals, automatically using real logon and sessions to proactively confirm all systems are working and critical applications are available from your hospital locations.

This alerts you to identify issues with Cerner Millennium, Patient Portal and other applications even before clinicians get to the hospital. Now you can automatically test and troubleshoot the entire delivery infrastructure, using the same paths and processes a real user would.

Unique Visibility into Citrix & Cerner Logon Process

Most monitoring tools identify only 9 stages of the Citrix logon process, creating a difficult and time-consuming search for more the real root cause of slow logons.  Goliath Performance Monitor tracks the crucial 33+ substages of the Citrix logon process for your clinicians and end users.

This doesn’t just indicate 9 broad issue areas, it pinpoints root cause to specific Policies, Delivery Controllers, Registry Objects and shows the time taken by each.  This unique detail is available for both current and historical sessions without scripting or manual intervention.  Now IT professionals focus on solving the issue, not searching for the problem.

Troubleshoot Session Slowness

Many monitoring tools claim to measure session slowness, but only Goliath identifies the real root cause: network issues, server resources, or end user behavior. Goliath’s detailed metrics help Healthcare IT Professionals quantify session slowness and correlate it with the part of the delivery infrastructure responsible – and provides the proof needed to work with other IT groups or even vendors like Cerner.

Now you can end the finger pointing and collaborate on a real solution to session slowness issues.

ICA/HDX Channel

Enhance your team with Embedded Intelligence and Automation

Goliath IT Operations software includes Embedded Intelligence and Automation that, out of the box, will automatically:

  • Discover, Map and Deploy to your IT Infrastructure
  • Monitor over 250 key failure points
  • Provide intelligent alerts on events, conditions and failures
  • Provide options for on-demand remediation of issues

This embedded intelligence tells you what to monitor and how. You don’t have to be a VDI expert to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent performance issues in the most complex environments. Goliath Performance Monitor has the Virtualization expert included!

The Health IT Standard

You can now purchase Goliath directly through Cerner because over the last ten years Goliath has become the Health IT standard. Goliath helped healthcare organizations like Universal Health Services, NorthBay, AtlantiCare, Westchester Medical Center and many others improve patient care by solving performance issues that prevent physicians and clinicians from seamlessly accessing their clinical and business applications.

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