Citrix HDX Monitor for Latency Alerting

End users can experience the “Citrix is Slow” condition and often times it is tracked back to high Citrix HDX latency. However, if you don’t have a Citrix HDX monitor which gives full view into all the channels that make up the HDX latency value it is impossible to find root cause and remediate Citrix HDX Latency.

With our Citrix HDX Monitoring tool, which comes with Goliath Performance Monitor, you can monitor HDX channels at a granular level in real-time and then get alerted to Citrix end user latency on any Citrix HDX channels. 

View Product Screenshots of the Citrix HDX Monitor


Pinpoint Root Cause to Remediate and Improve End User Experience

Key Features:

  • HDX Monitoring Tool
  • HDX Latency Dashboards & Trending Graphs
  • Citrix HDX Reports & Analysis
  • Preemptive Threshold Based Alerting

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