Goliath Monitoring for Microsoft includes Monitoring for Hyper-V virtual servers, Windows Tablets and Windows Event Log Management. Goliath Performance Monitor enables the administrator to proactively get ahead of performance issues and if they do arise, troubleshoot quickly because all these elements and others outside of Microsoft are correlated into the same console.

Event Log Management: Goliath Performance Monitor provides a complete log management solution allowing you to manage log data through correlation, analysis, searching, reporting and alerting from one console. Furthermore, it is fully integrated into a complete monitoring and troubleshooting platform, allowing you to have the deepest level of visibility for finding root-cause of even the most complex challenges.
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Microsoft Hyper-V: Goliath Performance Monitor allows an administrator to have one console for monitoring the Hyper-V Host, VM’s, Applications, OS, and Hardware. It includes comprehensive alerting on thresholds, events, and faults which allows for proactive management of Hyper-V infrastructure.
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Windows Tablets: Goliath Performance Monitor for Windows OS Tablet gives IT administrators or Windows desktop administrator’s insight into key metrics and conditions that can cause inconsistent performance and negatively impact the Windows OS tablet end user experience. These metrics then can be alerted on in real time if a performance threshold is breached.
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