Comprehensive Syslog Reporting & Monitoring Purpose-Built to Find Root Cause

  • Real-Time Event Correlation
  • Universal Log Collection
  • Real-Time Alerting
  • Log Forensics
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Privileged User Monitoring
  • Log Search
  • Log Archive
  • Remediation Actions

Introduction to Proactive Syslog Reporting & Syslog Monitoring


Overview & Cost

Syslog Monitor, Syslog Report & Filter, Analyze, Alert, Archive

Goliath’s Proactive Syslog Reporting and Syslog Reporting Tool enables you to:

Filter: Customize Syslog collection on basis of type, Syslog, event ID, description, source, or user.

Analyze: Consolidate the most important Syslog events from across all your servers into one centralized real-time view.

Alert: Set notifications to take place as soon as a failure or fault occurs or a condition has been met. You can then simultaneously initiate automated remediation actions when coupled with the Goliath Performance Monitor.

Report: Run custom Historical Reports based on filtered and archived Syslogs.

Archive: Access your actual .evt and .evtx files for as long as you want. Our agent pulls the files, compresses them, and then stores them to a storage location for long term archive and retention.

What is the Cost?

The Syslog reporting and Syslog monitoring tool is available for purchase on a stand-alone basis, but if you are purchasing the Goliath Performance Monitor, Goliath Logon Simulator for Citrix, VMware Horizon, Amazon AWSthe Syslog reporting and syslog monitoring capability is included. This means that if you deploy an agent to Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware vSphere or Citrix XenServer virtual machines, or a physical server, you automatically receive Syslog reporting and Syslog monitoring functionality at no additional cost.

Visit our Pricing Calculator to build a quote specific to your environment.

The Value of the Goliath Approach to Syslog Management and Analysis

Syslogs contain a treasure trove of information for identifying root cause and solving some of the most complex technical challenges. However, monitoring Syslogs or reporting Syslogs from a single resource alone limit your visibility. Correlating events across multiple components – Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, Vmware vSphere, Citrix XenServer – provide the complete visibility needed to fully understand the entire chain of events when trying to find the underlying cause of a complex issue. Furthermore, monitoring Syslogs both historically and in real-time is important as forensic analyses play an important part in finding the root cause. This means that the ideal solution should also include archival capabilities that are efficient and robust.

Goliath Performance Monitor provides a complete Syslog reporting and Syslog monitoring solution allowing you to manage Syslog data through correlation, analysis, searching, reporting and alerting from one console. Furthermore, it is fully integrated into a complete monitoring and troubleshooting platform, allowing you to have the deepest level of visibility for finding root-cause of even the most complex challenges.

Goliath Performance Monitor Includes the Following Log Management Capabilities

  • Real-time Correlation
    • Alert on Syslog events in real-time
    • Correlate Syslog events as they occur across all monitored resources
  • Universal Log Collection
    • Analyze, search and troubleshoot all existing Syslogs from all monitored resources on demand
  • Real-Time Alerting
    • Create custom rules and alerts based on current Syslog data analysis
    • Receive alerts on any event generated in system Syslogs in real-time
    • No delay when receiving notifications due to polling intervals
  • Remediation Actions
    • Automatically resolve Syslog alert conditions as they occur
    • Perform actions from basic services restart to running complex scripts automatically via alert remediation actions
  • Log Forensics 
    • Forensically correlate log data from multiple data sources over time to trend and find root cause
    • Create Syslog reports on Syslog data for historical analysis of system events
    • Report errors, events or failures for empirical evidence of issues and trends across the enterprise
  • Log Search
    • Deep search capabilities for parsing log data across multiple sources
    • Search and determine root cause from all Syslog data whether it is archive data or current log data
  • Log Archive
    • Maintain, look back, and analyze Syslogs after they have been purged from the source
    • Efficient management and storage of log file archives

Syslog Monitoring & Syslog Reporting Functionality

  • Monitor Syslogs, filter and alert for known conditions without having to comb through the Syslogs yourself to reduce the amount of time between when a problem occurs and when the root cause is found
  • Search for conditions and consolidate critical events taking place on multiple servers into a single view t save time and reduce the effort needed to review server logs
  • Alert on known condition automatically so you’re aware as soon as an event or failure occurs within your environment
  • Leverage out-of-the-box monitoring rules for common problems and conditions such as Active Directory, Applications, Windows, and common applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Citrix, Backup Software, VMware, and more
  • Eliminate lost log files with real-time Windows Syslog collection and archiving so you can still determine the root cause even after logs roll over
  • View the exact Windows Syslogs that triggered an event on a single server or on multiple servers all on a single screen to speed up troubleshooting and remediation times
  • Compress and archive Windows Syslogs to efficiently store Syslogs long term
  • Produce historical reports on archived syslogs to fulfill compliance requirements
  • Syslog Reports on events – including logons, account changes, server reboots, group policy modifications, and more – over a specific time period or even filter the reports down to identify a user’s activity, like domain administrator logins on the production servers

Read our Datasheet for more details or contacts us to learn how to use comprehensive Syslog monitoring and Syslog reporting to troubleshoot performance issues.

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