Virtual Server Monitoring

Be Proactive and get ahead of end user complaints with our virtual server performance monitoring, analysis, reporting, and remediation for  VMware vSphere Monitoring, Citrix XenServer Monitoring and Microsoft Hyper-V Monitoring.

Goliath Performance Monitor for monitoring virtual servers provides a virtual server administrator with the ability to monitor virtual machine performance and set threshold based alerts to warn them if any key virtual server performance indicator like CPU, Memory and Disk is approaching a level where users can be impacted. This early warning system gives virtual server administrators the time to resolve issues before a ticket is created.


Virtual Server Performance Monitoring is Available for the Following Hypervisors  All from One Central Console

Top reasons why administrators select Goliath’s Proactive Virtual Server Monitoring for their virtual server environments:

  1. Monitor Virtual Servers Five Layers-– Eliminate blind spots and false positives. We give you unparalleled visibility into the Host, VM, Application, OS, and Hardware levels of your infrastructure—all from one product.
  2. Cross-Hypervisor Support– It doesn’t matter if you want to monitor virtual servers from VMware, Citrix or Microsoft we enable you to monitor virtual server performance from any vendor simultaneously from our virtual server performance monitoring console.
  3. Plug directly into vCenter and XenCenter– Now you never have to leave vCenter or XenCenter. You can add a Goliath tab and monitor your virtual servers right from the same console.
  4. Proactive Remediation Engine– Beyond just virtual server performance monitoring you can execute simultaneous alerts and fix actions automatically or manually. We have out-of-the-box remediation actions for many of the most common problems you might face and it’s easy to customize actions specific to your environment.
  5. Real-Time Dashboards, Historical Reports and Daily Health Checks– No scripting or configuration required. Access the real-time and historical data you need, right out-of-the-box. Our trending reports will help you anticipate potential issues and our health checks will help you provide objective evidence of root cause to show management and find a permanent resolution.
  6. Intelligent Alerting– Improve your remediation times when monitoring virtual servers with easily customizable alerts based on thresholds, events, faults, and failures. This allows administrators to both monitor virtual servers, troubleshoot quickly and reduce the time to resolution.  
  7. Remote Virtual Server Performance Monitoring Master Agent– Monitor virtual servers in your remote infrastructure without deploying a separate instance or additional hardware. Our remote location agent initiates connection back to the main monitoring server. Our intelligent agent is low resource and doesn’t need to be rebooted on update.
  8. Help Desk Alert Resolution Feature– Let your help desk know exactly what to do when an alert is triggered. You can include specific notes in each type of alert so whoever is at the help desk will perform the standard response sequence.
  9. Monitor Virtual Server & Physical Infrastructure on the Same Console– Consolidate your monitoring tools and simplify your IT Operations. We can monitor your physical infrastructure right in the same product.
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