Proactive Performance Monitoring for VMware vSphere Means Visibility into the Full Virtual Stack

You can now improve VMware vSphere performance monitoring and application availability while eliminating  blind spots and false positives. The Goliath VMware vSphere performance monitoring tool gives complete visibility into the 5 layers of the VMware vSphere virtual stack– Host, VM’s, Application, OS, and Hardware. 

Introduction to Proactive VMware vSphere Monitoring:

Video Highlights

  • Out-of-the-box, preconfigured VMware vSphere monitoring rules, notifications and alerts
  • Real-time dashboards, historical reports and daily health checks
  • VMware vSphere Performance Monitoring plus Citrix and Microsoft  in one console
  • Proactive remediation engine with simultaneous alert and fix capabilities for VMware vSphere
  • Monitoring VMware vSphere and Root cause identification analysis and reports
  • Monitor VMware vSphere at your remote locations without deploying a separate instance or additional hardware.
  • Help Desk Alert Resolution Feature is more than just VMware vSphere performance monitoring you can let help desk know exactly what to do when they get an alert by including specific notes in each type of alert so they can perform the standard response sequence.
  • Threshold-based alerts when monitoring VMware vSphere Improve your remediation times with easily customizable alerts based on thresholds, events, faults, and failures.


VMware vSphere Monitoring

  • Out-of-the-box plug-in to vCenter for VMware vSphere monitoring
  • One product for VMware vSphere ESX and ESXi Full Virtual Stack – Host, VM’s, Applications, OS, and Hardware
  • VMware vSphere monitoring and alerting on thresholds, events, and faults with simultaneous remediation sequences
  • Out of the Box Real Time Dashboards and Historical Reports
  • Daily Health Check Reports
  • Real Time Log Management
  • Advanced troubleshooting with application > user > server correlation
  • Simplify and Consolidate your IT operations
  • Add value by coexisting to pass its unique data up into Log management and other tools, or act as a collection point for data coming from multiple tools.

Five Layers of Visibility

Simplify the monitoring of your VMware vSphere environment and gain end-to-end visibility into the entire physical and virtual infrastructure – all in a single view.

Physical Server:

  • Temperature
  • Hardware Failure
    • CPU
    • RAID
    • Mother Board
    • Fans


  • Utilization
  • Virtual Disk Size
  • Snapshots, Orphaned VMs, and Wasted Space
  • Provisioned, Consumed, and Free Space

Hypervisor / Host

  • VMware vSphere CPU Utilization
  • VMware vSphere Memory Utilization
  • VMware vSphere Active, Granted, Overhead, Ballooned, Shared, and Swapped Memory
  • VMware vSphere Storage Throughput, Latency, and IOPS
  • VMware vSphere Network Throughput
  • VMware vSphere Virtual Infrastructure Inventory


  • VMware VM Started, Off, or Paused Status
  • VMware vSphere CPU Utilization and Ready
  • VMware vSphere Memory Utilization
  • VMware vSphere Active, Granted, Overhead, Ballooned, Shared, and Swapped Memory Storage
  • VMware vSphere Disk Throughput, Latency, and IOPS
  • VMware vSphere Network Throughput and Utilization

VM with Intelligent Agent


  • CPU Load
  • Memory & Swap Utilization
  • Network Latency & Bandwidth
  • Disk Utilization


  • Processes & Services
  • Application Specific Error Conditions


VMware Virtual Server Monitoring

Virtual Server Monitoring_VMware


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