Tech Guide: Understanding the Citrix Logon Process

Quickly Identify and Troubleshoot Logon Duration Issues with End-to-End Visibility

Did you know there are 33+ stages to the Citrix logon process? If you don’t have true visibility you can’t troubleshoot the true root cause.

This Citrix Engineer authored how-to guide breaks down each step of the complex Citrix logon process and explains the role each stage plays in delivering a successful logon. Get a detailed view of challenges inherent in isolating the root cause of slow or failed Citrix logons and how to troubleshoot them in order to improve end user experience.

The 33+ stages of the Citrix Logon Process broken down in this guide include:

  • GPO Policy Execution

  • Drive Mapping Execution

  • Registry Extension Mappings

  • Corrupted Print Drivers

  • SSO Permissions

  • Session Host Delays

  • Delivery Controller Brokering Delays

  • AD Group Membership

  • Improperly Coded Logon Scripts

  • Authentication