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Discover the power of a virtual desktop infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting tool that is purpose-built to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent end user experience issues regardless of infrastructure.

With different infrastructures come different use cases. Whether your virtual desktop infrastructure is Citrix or VMware, we can discuss what you need to get a clear picture of how our monitoring and troubleshooting software can help you reach your end user experience goals.

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“We tuned alerts and set thresholds so we receive notification in enough time to fix issues before users are impacted. This has allowed us to reduce support tickets by 30%.”

George Buelna, FASCET

“Goliath Technologies gives us complete visibility into the end user experience from the time they logon to Cerner through their use of the application so we stay ahead of performance issues that can impact our users.”

Chris Timbers, NorthBay Healthcare


By using Goliath Application Availability Monitor, we dropped the average XenDesktop 7.6 logon time to 20 seconds from 2 minutes, much to the delight of our end users.

Kaleb Propst, RHC Holding

“Goliath’s technology really hits the mark by offering solutions for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and VMware Horizon (with View) that are purpose built for these platforms, easy to use, cost effective and interoperate with other infrastructure management technologies.”

Douglas A. Brown,