The Goliath Logon Simulator has been replaced by the Goliath Application Availability Monitor! This brand new technology provides an early warning system to logon issues and includes detailed screenshotting, flexible scheduling, preemptive alerting, and seamless remediation actions – just to name a few.

Test and Confirm Microsoft RDS Availability.
Improve End User Experience

Goliath’s Logon Simulator for Remote Desktop Services can test and confirm that any Microsoft Remote Desktop Services delivered application or desktop, will launch when a user attempts to logon. The simulator acts as a real user and tests the entire logon sequence through the Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access and Remote Desktop Connection Broker from the end point and will alert administrators if there is a failure or slowness so they can execute remediation actions before users fail to logon. Anticipating a user’s logon difficulty from the office location before end users complain is better than real time.


How it works: The Goliath Logon Simulator for Remote Desktop Services is deployed at each office where users are located or the datacenter. This agentless technology is then configured in minutes to facilitate continuous, real-time testing of the application delivery infrastructure, with support for any load balancers.

By launching real sessions with simulated end users, the software gives you visibility into the user’s logon experience from their perspective. When the Logon Simulator for Remote Desktop Services detects logon difficulty, you get an alert that’s triggered by the simulated user, not the end user. This enables IT administrators to get ahead of logon failure or slowness before it is noticed by the end-user community.

Goliath Logon Simulator for Remote Desktop Services



Better than real-time advance warning of logon failures and slowness in RDS

By simulating a real world login to RDS, the logon simulation provides actual metrics and data on what will occur when a real user logs into an application. Logon issues are reduced by knowing what is going to happen before it actually does.

Live dashboard displaying end user session experience in real time

Administrators are given the ability to monitor user experience in real time with the logon simulator. This capability ensures that issues can be mitigated quickly, minimizing impact to RDS users.

Failure point and data analysis drill down

From the live dashboard admins can immediately drill into any failed end user logon to identify and isolate the failure point.

Historical logon success/failure reports

Rich historical data provides the information required to forensically analyze trends related to end user experience. These reports also provide empirical evidence for demonstrating problem resolution and/or user logon experience enhancements.


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