Citrix & the Supporting Infrastructure in a Single View for
End-to-End Visibility & Quick Troubleshooting

This single view for Citrix Monitoring gives administrators the ability to monitor, manage and troubleshoot issues with Citrix whether the root cause is the Citrix infrastructure or the supporting IT elements.  

Video: See How our New Topology View for Citrix Monitoring & Troubleshooting Works!


Key features include:

  • Graphically track Citrix End User Experience and Resource Consumption at each level including Citrix Infrastructure, Delivery Group, Machine Catalog, Cluster, and Host level to isolate fault domain.
  • Automatic mapping of your Citrix environment to quickly show fault domains through visibility to relationships between infrastructure, resources, and users.
  • Drilldown between layers of your Citrix infrastructure to identify root cause with Real-Time alerting to identify components impacted faults, resource availability, and Citrix end user experience issues.
  • Holistically track the health of each Delivery Group and Machine Catalogs to isolate user versus infrastructure oriented problems.
  • Visibility between errors, faults, and performance, between each layer of the infrastructure, including virtual infrastructure, server, and End User Experience, is correlated in one easy to use graphical representation of your environment.
  • Quickly investigate supporting infrastructure such as Active Directory Controllers, SQL, Hypervisor and more
  • Auto-Scale mapping to support larger Citrix environments

The Goliath Topology View works for Citrix XenApp Monitoring and XenDesktop Monitoring. Citrix Monitoring and Troubleshooting in environments that are mixed Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, especially during the XenApp to XenDesktop migration process, is made much less difficult with a central console that shows the relationships and dependencies of all the Citrix and Supporting IT elements that must work in concert to deliver a good Citrix end user experience.

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