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Organizations worldwide are choosing Goliath as their solution of choice when it comes to end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting. Deep integrations with Citrix and all major EHR applications, pre-built configurations, root cause analysis, and industry-only User Experience Scorecards help organizations to stay ahead of IT issues and benchmark user experience against industry best practices.

Best End User Experience Management Software

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Superior Functionality

One Product

No hopping between separate product interfaces for real time monitoring, analytics and historical reporting.

Deep Trouble-shooting

Provides visibility to critical metrics that our competition doesn’t provide.

Unlimited Historical Reporting & Analytics Scorecard

Enables historical trend analysis and proactive troubleshooting.

Embedded Intelligence

Eliminates researching applicable scripts; saving time and resources.

Purpose-built Modules For Health IT

Proactively troubleshoot and fix end-user performance issues with Cerner, Epic and MEDITECH.

end-user experience monitoring

Industry-Only Scorecards

Prove your end user experience against industry standards​

Benchmark your end user experience against industry standards with the most advanced Citrix and Horizon End User Experience Scorecards. With over 60 out-of-the-box reports, get complete insights into how your end users experience compares to industry best practices. With objective data, you can now report on to management with definitive proof of end user experience forensics.

  • The report can be scheduled to run or executed on-demand and can be emailed, exported (PDF, CSV), or viewed directly within the Goliath interface.

Trusted by leading organizations around the world

“We selected Goliath Technologies because their end-user experience monitoring and management supports Cerner and identifies systems degrading before physicians are impacted. We do over 15,000 Cerner application test launches per day. This early warning system coupled with enhanced performance data and analysis puts us in a better position to collaborate with Cerner to resolve issues.”

Mike Nelson, Sr. VP, Strategic Services
Universal Health Services

“Goliath enables our clients to resolve painful reliability issues around Cerner performance on their own that are easy to fix but impossible to find without their technology. And, it is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the proven positive impact on client satisfaction”

Chris Vernaci, National Vice President
Investor Owned and Emerging Markets at Cerner Corporation

“Citrix gets a bad reputation as being blamed for everything, but the underlying issue rarely has anything to do with Citrix. Goliath provides end-to-end visibility across the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure and enables us to quickly isolate root cause of performance issues, identifying who in IT can help resolve the issue quickly.”

Vitaly Petrovsky, Manager of Enterprise Applications
Maimonides Medical Center

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