Join Us on Thursday, July 27th at 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

On the webinar a healthcare IT engineer will show you how to confirm Epic application availability by exercising the whole application delivery infrastructure and executing the same logon sequence that users take during the logon process.

During the Epic & Citrix End User Experience Webinar Learn How To:

  • Get better than real-time advance warning of logon failures & slowness
  • Create dashboard to display the end user experience in real time
  • Generate historical logon success/failure reports 
  • Perform failure point and analysis drill down

You will see how the Goliath Application Availability Monitor for Epic is a production-ready software that gives IT professionals visibility into the end users logon experience, directly from session launch. The availability monitor can be scheduled to run 24/7 and if your clinician or healthcare worker is going to experience a logon failure or slowness you will be alerted before they have an issue.

Not sure you can attend? Please use the form on the sidebar to register and you will get a link to watch an on-demand version of the webinar. 

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