Live: How to Troubleshoot & Fix the Root Cause of High Citrix ICA Latency on HDX Channels

If You Can’t See the Performance of all 50 ICA/HDX Channels You Can’t Fix Root Cause of High Citrix Latencycitrix-ica-hdx-channels-goliath-performance-monitor

On the free webinar, a Citrix Engineer will hold a live ICA latency troubleshooting session, showing you how to get real-time performance metrics on any of the 50 Citrix HDX channels, like:

  • Audio
  • Clipboard
  • Local Drive
  • Framehawk
  • ThinWire/ThinWire+
  • Printing
  • Smart card Bandwidth
  • Session Bandwidth
  • PN Agent/Seamless Window

You’ll see how to identify the root cause of high Citrix ICA/HDX latency and how to test ICA/HDX performance with simulated user sessions in order to proactively manage the entire Citrix end user experience.

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