Live from Universal Health Services’ (UHS) Data Center — See How UHS Uses Goliath to get End-to-End Visibility from their Hospital Endpoint to the Cerner Data Center to Ensure a Positive End User Experience

During this on-demand webinar, Justin Monnig, GM of Crossings Healthcare, a subsidiary of UHS, joins Raja Jadeja, VP of Goliath Technologies Health IT, to tell the UHS story of how they utilize this new technology to take control of monitoring and managing end user experience. 

You will see how Goliath Performance Monitor & Goliath Logon Simulator for Hospitals Using Cerner allows you to get advance warning of potential end user experience issues. 

Have questions for our Healthcare IT Team about Goliath for Hospitals Using Cerner? Please contact us:


Phone: (855)-465-4284

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