Technical Guide: Understanding the Citrix Logon Process

Quickly Identify and Troubleshoot Logon Initiation and Duration Issues with End-to-End Visibility and AI

Did you know there are 33+ stages to the Citrix logon process? If you don’t have end-to-end visibility you can’t troubleshoot the true root cause of logon issues.

Authored by Citrix Engineers, this how-to guide, with new updates by Citrix CTP George Spiers, breaks down each step of the complex Citrix logon process and explains the role each stage plays in delivering a successful logon. Get the most comprehensive view of challenges inherent in isolating the root cause of slow or failed Citrix logons and how to troubleshoot them with the help of AI to improve end user experience.

The 33+ stages of the Citrix Logon Process broken down in this guide include:

GPO Policy Execution

Drive Mapping Execution

Registry Extension Mappings

Corrupted Print Drivers

SSO Permissions

Session Host Delays

Delivery Controller Brokering Delays

AD Group Membership

Improperly Coded Logon Scripts


Goliath is Purpose-Built for Citrix Monitoring & Troubleshooting

  • Embedded intelligence and automation means you don’t have to be Citrix expert to troubleshoot quickly
  • End-to-end visibility enables you to pinpoint the true root cause of end-user experience issues
  • Self-healing and remediation actions let you resolve issues before end users are impacted 
  • Industry-only experience metrics and reporting provide you with objective evidence of end-user experience