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Industry leading VDI end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, with embedded intelligence and automation, that enables IT pros to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document performance issues regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located.

“We have had over a 50% reduction in Citrix support tickets since implementing Goliath.” – Michael Day, Director of Information Systems & Project Management, Wajax

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“I use Goliath daily to quickly troubleshoot and resolve end-user complaints around slow logons and poor performance with Cerner applications delivered via Citrix. What had previously taken me hours to hunt down the root cause, now takes me minutes with Goliath.”

Greg Beck, System Administrator
CGH Medical Center

“Our Level 1 Service Desk supports all of our Citrix managed services clients. With Goliath, the team resolves 9 out of 10 performance issues, avoiding escalations to our Level 3 Citrix architects.”

Mark Gigliotti, CIO

“We selected Goliath Technologies because their end-user experience monitoring and management supports Cerner and identifies systems degrading before physicians are impacted. We do over 15,000 Cerner application test launches per day. This early warning system coupled with enhanced performance data and analysis puts us in a better position to collaborate with Cerner to resolve issues.”

Mike Nelson, Sr. VP, Strategic Services
Universal Health Services

“Goliath provides end-to-end visibility across the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure and enables us to quickly isolate the root cause of performance issues, identifying who in IT can help resolve the issue quickly.”

Vitaly Petrovsky, Manager of Enterprise Applications
Maimonides Medical Center



Goliath provides actual user experience from the end users perspective. Traditional approaches look at the independent performance of IT infrastructure and applications. This means they must infer end user experience and that causes unproductive communication and increases time to resolution.

Built for troubleshooting

Isolating the root cause has never been this easy

Goliath automatically correlates performance data from various sources across the infrastructure including hypervisors, servers, operating systems, and applications to quickly identify where a problem occurs and isolate root cause. Allowing anyone on your technical team to quickly resolve even the most complicated logon initiation, logon duration, and session performance issues.

  • Deep API Integration & Automatic Correlation
  • Logon Process Drill Down
  • Alert Resolution Instructions
  • Threshold Interpretation Intelligence
  • Unique End User Experience Metrics

“Citrix gets a bad reputation as being blamed for everything, but the underlying issue rarely has anything to do with Citrix. Goliath provides end-to-end visibility across the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure and enables us to quickly isolate root cause of performance issues.”

Vitaly Petrovsky, Manager of Enterprise Applications
Maimonides Medical Center

Prove your end-user experience against industry standards​

Benchmark your end-user experience against industry standards with the most advanced Citrix and Horizon End User Experience Scorecards. With over 60 out-of-the-box reports, get complete insights into how your end users experience compares to industry best practices. With objective data, you can now report on to management with definitive proof of end user experience forensics.

“The end user experience data has driven great conversations around our culture and work styles. We have the insights and visibility we never had before.”

Michael Pfaeffle, Senior Vice President and CIO, Empire Office

#1 Choice for Healthcare IT Teams

Purpose-Built Modules for All Major EHR Applications

Proactively troubleshoot and fix end user performance issues and provide uninterrupted access to all major EHR and business-critical applications (Cerner, Epic, Meditech and more). Reduce ongoing performance and end user experience issues with the only software purpose-built to bring together metrics measuring EHR performance, end user experience, and the underlying delivery infrastructure performance.

Healthcare IT professionals can now troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and effectively. Ensuring that patient records are always available.

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