W365 Cloud PC Monitoring

  • Single console for monitoring & troubleshooting hybrid multi-cloud environments
  • Embedded intelligence automatically monitors & alerts on health and performance of W365 Cloud PCs
  • Proactively monitor, alert, and report on performance issues — before end users open a ticket
  • Reduce the number of monitoring tools and context switching needed

Single platform for HMC environments!


“With Goliath’s software in place, we didn’t have to hire more staff to manage our environment, it was like we added a whole team with a single tool.”

Brian Diamond – CEO of LANStatus 

“I recommend Goliath to any other admin that has never used this before. Once you use Goliath, it is going to be your go-to tool for sure. The software is so user friendly and has such detailed metrics that I can resolve sporadic end-user experience issues incredibly quickly and move on to fixing longer term issues.”

Aaron Hilton, System Administrator

Central Maine Hospital