Multi-Cloud Monitoring from Goliath

Multi-Cloud Monitoring from Goliath

Unify Your Cloud Environment Monitoring

Hybrid-Cloud Monitoring

Unify health and performance views into Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with Goliath’s Multi-Cloud Monitor. A cloud-native SaaS offering, Goliath’s Multi-Cloud Monitoring provides one source for monitoring and troubleshooting performance, availability, and end-user experiences across cloud environments.

multi cloud monitoring solution dashboard

Proactively Monitor with Automation and Embedded Intelligence


Discover inventory automatically and track performance and end-user-experience for your digital desktop infrastructure from a single, unified location. Identify at-a-glance when and where problems exist with intelligent dashboards and built-in, industry best practices to guide you. 

Simple Setup, Customizable for You

Built on the cloud and delivered as a SaaS application, you have nothing to install and minimal setup. Just add your environments and go. No complicated configuration or integrations required as dashboards, monitors, and alerts are pre-configured based on your environment type. Monitors, dashboards, and alerts can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs.

Support Across All of Your Cloud Environments