Goliath Multi-Cloud Monitor

Simplify the Complexity of Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Environment Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor, alert, and troubleshoot all cloud environments 

Seamlessly manage your end-user experience across Amazon EC2, Amazon WorkSpaces, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Google Cloud Platform environments.

Multi-Cloud ecosystem monitoring in a single console
Manage multiple clouds from a single configurable console

Manage multiple clouds from a single configurable console  

Using a single console and user-friendly interface, quickly monitor and manage your AWS, Azure, and Google cloud ecosystems and their impact on users without screen or console hopping.

Easy to use monitoring, alerting, and dashboards 

Designed for ease of use, pre-built monitoring and troubleshooting dashboards enable immediate feedback and are customizable to meet organizational needs. Monitoring thresholds are graphically displayed and offer insights into performance metrics and root-cause analysis as well as trigger proactive warnings and critical alerting.

multi cloud monitoring solution dashboard

Nothing to install and no setup required 

As a cloud-native SaaS solution there is nothing to install, and no setup is required. Simply launch, add your environment, and within minutes pre-configured dashboards and alerts are enabled and your monitoring data and your monitoring data begins to populate.

Intelligent Support for All of Your Cloud Environments

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