Independent Technical Review: Goliath for Amazon (AWS) & Microsoft Azure Monitoring

“Goliath provides a single pane of glass for viewing on-premises infrastructure and cloud deployments. This simplifies managing hybrid IT environments and helps facilitate the move to AWS or Azure” – Alan Pichette, CCA-V, CCA-N, CCP-M, Systems Solution Architect at En Pointe Technologies

Walk in the Clouds with Confidence

Goliath Technologies is a highly-recommended monitoring and troubleshooting tool in the Citrix, VMware server, and desktop virtualization communities. It also supports monitoring in AWS and Azure environments. Businesses considering moving to the cloud, or have infrastructure in Amazon AWS or Azure can get deeper insight into their cloud solution and virtualization infrastructure all from one single pane of glass.

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops page sorted by the Logon column

I have migrated many of my clients into AWS and Azure. The first thing on my mind is how can I make the most out of this big investment? How can I get the most horsepower from my servers without breaking the bank? To achieve this you will need smart insight and monitoring into your cloud solution. We all have spikes in our server utilization. Maybe it’s a boot storm at 9 AM on a Monday morning, maybe it’s month end and there’s a high demand for storage and data. Regardless, an IT manager’s nightmare would be having his cloud project go down after a huge investment was made into migrating applications and data to the cloud. Just the opposite can happen as well. When there is room to undersize a new solution you can also feel the burn from oversizing your environment. No CTO will want to see an AWS bill that is way over budget.

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops page sorted by the Logon column

Goliath‘s technology monitors AWS and Azure resources in real-time to make certain you are not over or under provisioning resources. In addition, they don’t look at AWS or Azure resources alone. They correlate these metrics with on-premises workloads and end user experience. This just simplifies the job of monitoring and managing hybrid workloads.

Goliath has an out of the box solution that will give you real-time alerts to your mobile device on all your EC2 instances. Get insight on performance, app crashes and resource consumption so you can react to changes in the cloud environment or performance issues. There is no need to download an app and try to read large graphs on a small screen. You can get text message alerts informing you if anything is going wrong with your environment. Although you can set the thresholds for this tool, Goliath has already preconfigured all the alerts with best practices from the vendors.

Session dialog – Logon Duration tab

To sum it up, I highly recommend taking a look at this comprehensive AWS and Azure monitoring solution. I have done my research on a lot of the monitoring solutions that are on the market today and I have found that Goliath has set a high standard with the features they provide. For more information, email to schedule a free live demo and a free trial of the solution to test in your own cloud environment.