Azure Monitoring

Multi-Cloud Monitoring from Goliath

Azure Monitoring

Multi-Cloud Monitoring from Goliath

Azure Monitoring

With Goliath you can collect and analyze Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop metrics automatically with no configuration required in a cloud-native SaaS offering. Goliath’s complete Multi-Cloud Monitoring correlates metrics across environments and devices and displays real-time and trending data to help you determine baselines and understand where issues exist.  

Track all Cloud Environments, report on latency, launch times and status.

Review performance and end user experience metrics across all digital desktops and regions and drill down to the individual user instances.

Unify Your Cloud Environment Monitoring

Hybrid-Cloud Monitoring

Unify health and performance views into Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with Goliath’s Multi-Cloud Monitor. A cloud-native, containerized, SaaS offering, Goliath’s Multi-Cloud Monitoring provides one source for monitoring and troubleshooting performance, availability, and end-user experiences across cloud environments.

multi cloud monitoring solution dashboard

Support For Your Other Cloud Environments

Proactively Monitor with Automation and Embedded Intelligence


Discover inventory automatically and track performance and end-user-experiences for your digital desktop infrastructure from a single, unified location. Identify at-a-glance when and where problems exist with intelligent dashboards and built-in, industry best practices to guide you.

Simple Setup, Customizable for You

Built on the cloud and delivered as a SaaS application, you have nothing to install and minimal setup. Just add your environments and go. No complicated configuration or integrations required as dashboards, monitors, and alerts are pre-configured based on your environment type. Monitors, dashboards, and alerts can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs.