Goliath Cloud Monitor – AVD/Azure

Goliath Multi-Cloud Monitor – Microsoft Azure 

Easy, Proactive Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Microsoft Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Multi-cloud ecosystem monitoring in a single console 

Effortlessly monitor, alert, and troubleshoot on your Azure Virtual Machine and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environments end-user experience performance from a single screen. Easily add additional cloud environments as required. ​

Multi-Cloud ecosystem monitoring in a single console

Easy to use embedded intelligence and automation 

Immediately begin monitoring with embedded intelligence that enables automatic application of pre-built dashboards and pre-configured warning and alert monitors. In addition, we interpret the data so you don’t have to be an expert to determine if the values displayed indicate an end-user experience issue. ​

Proactive monitoring delivers critical insights 

Proactive warning and critical alert thresholds are graphically displayed and offer visual insights for focused troubleshooting as well as historical performance metrics for analysis.

Proactive monitoring delivers critical insights
Access historical data and analytics

Access historical data and analytics 

Utilize detailed historical data that can be filtered for variables, such as timeframe, username, server state, etc. to support the identification and troubleshooting of end-user experience issues while providing objective evidence of root cause to support permanent remedial actions.

Easily share data for collaboration 

Azure VM and AVD dashboards and screen views can be easily shared with colleagues or stakeholders at the push of a button, facilitating troubleshooting collaboration or providing insights for analysis and informed decision-making.

Easily share data for collaboration

Intelligent Support for All of Your Cloud Environments

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