Goliath Performance Monitor 30-Day Free Trial

Solve your end user experience issues right now.

Are you getting complaints that their sessions are slow, but you can’t pinpoint the root cause? Are users unable to access critical applications? Are tickets pouring in around logon duration issues?

Tackle your issues right now with a fully supported 30-day free trial of the Goliath Performance Monitor (GPM). 

Get all of the features of the GPM right away, including:

  • Application availability testing
  • Unique metrics for logon duration and session performance
  • Automated infrastructure mapping
  • Advanced reports and alerts, out-of-the-box
  • Self-healing and remediation
  • Easy and intelligent deployment

And when we say “fully-supported”, we mean it: You’ll get instant access to our support team and our knowledge base so you can get the most out of Goliath Performance Monitor and troubleshoot your issues today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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