Eginnovations Replacement: AI Virtualisation replaces EG

Beaconsfield, UK – July 18, 2011

AI Virtualisation, a specialist IT Distributor focused on providing Award Winning, Best of Breed, Enterprise Class Management, Security and Performance Solutions for Virtual Environments, announced today that they selected Goliath Technologies’ MonitorIT (MIT) product to replace EG Innovations Monitoring.  AI Virtualisation previously distributed the EG Innovations monitoring solution to help customers gain visibility into their virtual infrastructure.

“We realized that our customers and resellers wanted a product to monitor virtual environments that was easier to use and more cost effective than what we were previously offering with EG Innovations. We did an exhaustive market analysis, looking at many products from SolarWinds, Veeam, Vkernel and Nagios on the low end as well as enterprise products like HP and Goliath Technologies,” said, Andy Irving, Managing Director at AI Virtualisation. He continued, “This wasn’t a difficult decision. Most companies don’t really understand virtualization and it shows in the technology offering. They were merely network centric products designed for physical environments, with the exception of Veeam. Though Veeam is designed to monitor virtual machines they are limited to hypervisor metrics for VMware environments only and this creates “blind spots” and “false positives.” Goliath Technologies’ MonitorIT product offers an easy to use and comprehensive approach to monitoring virtual environments by collecting metrics from Citrix XenServer or VMware hypervisor, directly from the virtual machines and has the capability to monitor the physical environment. This deep diagnostic data can be viewed through the MIT console or by leveraging the plug-in to Citrix XenCenter or VMware vCenter. All this at a lower price which is key in the current economic climate.”

Goliath Technologies offers one of the only comprehensive virtual monitoring solutions in the market today. Offering the flexibility of an agent or agentless approach, MIT allows the user to collect deep diagnostic data about the applications that run on the virtual machines and those physical elements that can  impact the virtual environment. Products that are limited to hypervisor metrics only simply don’t have this capability.

“We are pleased to be selected in such a competitive evaluation. Their conclusion and comments are reflective, in many respects, of the feedback we receive from the larger market. The approach that AI Virtualisation takes in the international marketplace will make them a very productive partner and we are looking forward to supporting their efforts as we continue to expand internationally,” said Mike Lenzner, Director of Sales at Goliath Technologies.


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