Monitor & Troubleshoot The Entire Infrastructure

Goliath Infrastructure performance monitoring and troubleshooting software allows IT administrators to monitor the entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass. From the end point and end user back to the data center or cloud an IT professional can easily monitor all the IT elements that impact end user experience.

Be Proactive! Our IT infrastructure monitoring software provides built-in monitors, threshold-based alerts, reports, and analysis for most IT elements so IT can be alerted to performance issues — before end users open a ticket.

Network Devices

Goliath’s IT Network Performance Monitoring Software and Management Tools give you deep visibility into your network to trend utilization, analyze performance and availability, and alert on events, conditions, thresholds, and failures.

Syslog Management

Syslog contain a treasure trove of information for identifying root cause and solving some of the most complex technical challenges. However, monitoring Syslogs or reporting Syslogs from a single resource alone limit your visibility. Correlating events across multiple components – Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, Vmware vSphere, Citrix XenServer – provide the complete visibility needed to fully understand the entire chain of events when trying to find the underlying cause of a complex issue. Furthermore, monitoring Syslogs both historically and in real-time is important as forensic analyses play an important part in finding the root cause.

Physical Infrastructure

Goliath IT Physical Infrastructure Performance Monitoring is unique because of our ability to monitor not just your physical infrastructure, but also your virtual element. Our clients have to contend with physical and virtual infrastructure as well as cloud migration. This shouldn’t require multiple products. Simplify with Goliath.

With Goliath you can consolidate your IT monitoring tools and monitor your entire Virtual and Physical Infrastructure from a single console by seamlessly integrating metrics from your entire infrastructure.

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