Goliath Performance Monitor for VMware

Goliath Performance Monitor supports both VMware vSphere monitoring and troubleshooting and VMware Horizon monitoring and troubleshooting. Both technologies leverage Goliath’s embedded intelligence and automation to provide proactive VMware alerts on events, conditions, thresholds, and failures. This automatically alerts administrators to issues before end users are impacted, because advanced warning of issues is even better than real time.

Goliath Performance Monitor for VMware vSphere provides monitoring, analysis, reporting, and remediation for VMware vSphere. A server administrator now has the ability to monitor virtual machine performance and set threshold-based alerts to warn them if any key virtual server performance indicator like CPU, Memory and Disk is approaching a level where users can be impacted. This early warning system gives virtual server administrators the time to resolve issues before a ticket is created.

Goliath Performance Monitor for VMware is purpose-built to find common failure points that exist with complex VDI infrastructures whether the element is part of VMware or the supporting delivery infrastructure. Our proactive monitoring strategy also incorporates application availability monitoring for VMware which will logon to VMware and confirm the application is available for end users.