Goliath Technologies Equity Partnership

“I owned Breakout Software and decided to form an equity partnership with Goliath Technologies over 8 years ago. My product fit the Goliath sales model and now it is being used by 100’s of enterprise customers. I was able to increase the value of my equity and compensation to a much greater degree than if I tried to bootstrap or raise VC Funding.  The collaboration with Goliath Sales & Marketing, led by Thomas Charlton, has resulted in a better understanding of the marketplace, and a more targeted and focused development effort. As my product evolved, it was better able to leverage the marketplace opportunities for faster and more sustained growth than otherwise would have been possible. The Goliath partnership has been positive and rewarding from the start.”

Floyd Roberts, Founder of Breakout Software

Goliath Technologies is a leading provider of End-User Experience Management and Monitoring software. Our growth strategy includes both organic software development as well as strategic business relationships that we call equity partnerships.

Our equity partnerships offer technical entrepreneurs an alternative to raising venture capital for sales and marketing expansion that significantly reduces the equity dilution and loss of control associated with venture financing.

If an entrepreneur’s software solutions are synergistic with the Goliath product portfolio, our standing sales and marketing team can introduce their products to 100’s of our current customers immediately and attract new customers through ongoing marketing campaigns. This drastically reduces time to market and the inherent risk of building new teams.

This approach minimizes or eliminates the need for capital to grow sales or marketing, and non-dilutive revenue derived from increased sales can be used to expand other aspects of the business. An equity partnership with Goliath should enable technical entrepreneurs to increase sales of their products more quickly, in a way that mitigates risk, capitalizes on joint synergies, and leaves them in control of their company to focus on product development while increasing revenue and equity value.

Equity Partner Testimonials

“I was contracting with another company and had the expertise to build a specific product for Goliath Technologies. Payment for the product was structured as a royalty based on sales so I was a bit nervous. But, when the product was released, the Goliath salespeople really understood the enterprise space and they were able to sell quickly to companies like Walmart, Reynolds, Verizon, and others. They followed through on their commitments and it turned out great for both parties.”

Tom Peck

AWS Solution Architect

“I built a software product in my spare time over two years and was considering leaving my full-time position to start a company with VC funding. I knew the risks associated with that option so I formed an equity partnership with Goliath Technologies that allowed me to commercialize my product and create equity value with much less risk and a higher probability of success.”



For more information email epartners@goliathtechnologies.com.