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Goliath Technologies enables you to proactively troubleshoot and fix end-user performance issues and provide uninterrupted access to all major EHR and business-critical applications. Goliath Technologies’ healthcare IT software gives you the ability to reduce ongoing performance and end-user experience issues with the only software purpose-built to bring together metrics measuring EHR performance, end-user experience, and the underlying delivery infrastructure performance. This allows healthcare IT professionals to troubleshoot and resolve these issues quickly and effectively. Ensure that patient records are always available with Goliath Technologies.

End User Experience Cerner

Used by leading Healthcare organizations:

Cerner monitoring and troubleshooting platform

Purpose-Built for Cerner Millennium

Goliath provides the only way to get real-time visibility into the user’s actual experience with Cerner – from the initial connection and application usage to log off. This industry-only solution is available because of our unique partnership that enables a deployment architecture that gives you full end-to-end visibility into end-user experience.

Our solution is specifically designed for Cerner clients to see the end-user experience from the end user’s perspective, quickly pinpoint the root cause of slow logons, and determine the root cause of user session slowness to improve clinician experience and satisfaction. Schedule time with our team today to see why hundreds of Cerner hospitals, Universal Health Services, and Children’s National Medical Center chose Goliath.

Goliath Performance Monitor is available for purchase directly from Cerner.

“Goliath Technologies’ end user experience monitoring gives us complete visibility into the end user experience from the time they logon to Cerner through their use of the application, in real-time, so we stay ahead of performance issues.”

Chris Timbers

CIO, Northbay Healthcare

Purpose-Built Module for Epic Hyperspace

Goliath Performance Monitor’s module for hospitals using Epic provides a unified view that combines metrics for Epic System Pulse performance, End User Experience, and the underlying Citrix or VMware Horizon virtualization delivery infrastructure. This purpose-built IT operations software integrates these three data sources to help Healthcare IT proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, and prevent end user experience issues. Goliath Performance Monitor is listed as an approved application in the Epic App Orchard.

“Every morning, I use Goliath to set the stage for my day. The software proactively monitors events, conditions, and failure points 24/7/365 to help solve end user experience issues. It even alerts me before users are impacted.”

Aaron Hilton

System Administrator, Central Maine Healthcare

Cerner monitoring and troubleshooting platform

Rated #1 End-User Experience Monitoring and Troubleshooting Platform for Healthcare IT Teams

Best End User Experience Management Software

Purpose-Built Module for MEDITECH

Goliath Performance Monitor for hospitals using MEDITECH is built with input from Healthcare IT teams who deployed Magic, Client Server and MEDITECH 6.x in their Citrix environment in order to proactively troubleshoot and fix end user experience issues that affect physicians and healthcare workers.

“We reviewed other very good technologies such as ControlUp and eG Innovations, but we selected Goliath Technologies. Their software was right for us because it brings together, in one console, the performance metrics for MEDITECH, Citrix XenApp, and VMware.”

Mike Tremel

Sr. Systems Engineer, Augusta Health

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